Local businesses, first responders try to get into the Big Game

By Sandra

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Every year, millions flock around their screens for one of the most watched events in television...The Super Bowl.It's the National Football League's Championship game's popularity that turned advertising during the event a million dollar investment and now two local small businesses is trying to get their spot in the lineup.Irvin House Vineyards and Firefly Distillery have entered for a chance to win a Super Bowl commercial and they need your help to win.The contest, run by software company Intuit Quickbooks, challenges participants to "inspire with the story of their business" and then "share their story with your supporters and rally them to vote."Both Firehouse Distillery and Irvin House Vineyards has made it to the second round and now their challenge is promotion.Sometime in late October, the votes will be tallied and only 20 semi-finalists will go before a panel of Intuit employees for a vote that will whittle it down to four finalists.Once the big four are picked, it goes global. Anyone can vote and the small business that wins gets the grand prize: a professionally produced commercial that will air during the Super Bowl.Another commercial could end up on the small screen, but this one has already been Colleton County first responders.Every year Doritos holds the "Crash the Super Bowl' promotion, inviting anyone with a video camera to create their own Doritos ad. The best two of five finalists will make it on air and win a million dollar cash prize.The company started accepting fan-made videos on October 8 and submissions will be judged by Doritos executives as well as comic book legend, Stan Lee.With Lee's involvement, the two winning filmmakers will also get a chance to "become part of the Marvel family and work on the set of the next Avengers movie.In the video, submitted by filmmaker Peter Guenther of Riverside, California, Colleton County Fire and Rescue members administer a "Cheese Bolus" to a patient in need of a Doritos fix. A bolus is a way to administer medication that saturates the patient's blood with that medication - in this case, Dorito cheese.The five finalists will win a trip to Rutherford, New Jersey to watch the Super Bowl from Doritos' private sky box.Competition is steeper this year, as the snack food company has opened up the contest to all 46 countries around the world where Doritos are sold.

So how did a filmmaker from California wrangle up Colleton County first responders for his ad? It's a family tradition.

"About once a year I visit my brother, Jimmy Guenther, who is a fireman in Colleton, SC. It's starting to become a tradition now that every time I visit him I film something (as I am a film director)," said Guenther. "He told his firemen buddies about the contest, and we all agreed it would be awesome to make a commercial using real firemen. So I wrote the script, flew over there, met the firemen, and we shot the commercial in a day.

Guenther said he was originally going to be in the ad himself but the firemen did such a great job, all of the roles were filled.

"And of course I had to have my brother be the one injected with the Doritos Cheese Bolus," he said. "They all did a wonderful job."To view the Colleton County Doritos ad and give them a star rating, click here.To help Firefly Distillery in Intuit's Small Business, Big Game promotion, click here.To give Irvin House Vineyards a boost, click here.In the Intuit contest, you can only vote for one business a day.