Animal cruelty case breaks hearts and opens wallets

Dara was the only dog that survived (WCIV)

By Sonya

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV)-- You have probably heard about the three dogs that were bound with duct tape and dumped in a Georgetown canal.

Unfortunately, only one of the dogs, named Dara, survived but the reward fund to find those responsible is now close to $8,000.

Donations continue to roll infirst from rescue organizations and now from local companies.

Lee Lazarus is a dog lover, dog owner, and local businessman. He was touched Dara's story.

"It just makes me sick to think there are people out there when there are so many people willing to help and take on animals that someone would do that to dispose of an animal for what reasons I have no idea," said Lee Lazarus, owner of Total Estate Sales.

Dara was rescued nearly two weeks ago after being found bound and left to die in a Georgetown canal.

"I don't think we as a civilized society should allow something like that to take place, so we just felt that this is not the time to turn a blind eye," said Kim Madden, vie president of Custom Climate. "We wanted to do something to help bring these people to justice and send a message that this is not going to happen in our neighborhood."

Madden works with Custom Climate and says her company wanted to make a difference and was motivated to donate after Lazarus' company made a donation.

"I think that's great...that was really the whole point not for publicity but really to get the word out because to me people who do these sorts of things are just as likely to do the same thing to a human being, so these are people that don't need to be walking the streets," said Lazarus.

Both companies donated $500 to the fund hoping that it will help find the person responsible.

"I would hope that people would come forward without having to be financially rewarded, but if that is what it takes that would be fantastic. I'd like to see justice done and served," said Lazarus.

And the dog in the center of all this attention is doing well. Vets say that Dara got out of surgery on Tuesday and is now back at the St. Francis Animal Center. Doctors found three masses during the surgery and are still waiting on test results from her biopsy.

Dara is not available for adoption yet as she is still part of an ongoing police investigation.

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