Local dancers hope to get folks in the holiday spirit

Charleston Ballet Theatre preparing for their 12 Days of Christmas show.

By Sonya

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Charleston Ballet Theatre wants to help get you in the holiday spirit.

Jacy Fletcher is one of the main characters in Saturday's Christmas show.

"I'm playing the partridge in the 12 days of Christmas," said Jacy Fletcher, a student at Charleston Ballet Theatre.

Jacy is just one of the dancers - there is a mixture of students and professionals. They play everything from the five golden rings to seven swans a swimming to four calling birds.

"This is part of the four calling birds and I'll actually show you my face, but there is going to be three other people wearing this mask and it's a very comical piece, it's very funny, very character.{} It's a lot of fun," said James Peronto, one of the professional dancers with CBT.

All those involved hope that the audience has a good time, especially the children.

"You can expect to laugh and smile a lot.{} Expect to see some really talented people that I work with, that I'm honored to be with great talent in Charleston,' said Crystal Wellman, professional CBT dancer.

It's a lot of work to put on a production like this. It requires many hours of practice, choreography, and costume making. So why do they do it?

"Because we love it," said Patricia Cantwell, artistic director at Charleston Ballet Theatre. "We are artists.{} All of us were born as dancers. I was a dancer, Jill was a dancer, my husband was a dancer and we feel we have lots to give the dancers of the future from the kids in our school to also the professional dancers who live here full time."

They hope that their dedication helps to get those in the Lowcountry to dance in the holiday spirit.

For more information on the "21 Days of Christmas Show" tomorrow, click HERE.