Local Democrat stresses importance of the young vote

Bully Pulpit Lecture Series (Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)The College of Charleston hosted state Democratic leader Charlie Hale Tuesday.{}

The town hall-style event was part of the College of Charleston's nonpartisan Bully Pulpit lecture series. It was held at Randolph Hall and was free and open to the public.{}

Hale spoke with the audience - mostly college students - about the importance of young people getting involved in politics on the local, state and federal levels.{}{}

He said even though South Carolina is known for being a Republican-leaning state, the Democrats' voices can still be heard loud and clear.{}

"I think we're a party on the rise," Hale said. "We have an aggressive field program down here, and we think we can gain ground and start to win some statewide races."{}

Asked if college students were responsive and engaged during the town hall meeting, he said the{}students who want to be involved can make a huge impact.{}

"I find that most college kids, if they're willing to be involved, they at least follow the issues enough to have an honest conversation with them, an in-depth conversation," Hale said. "I think the same can be said for people out in the community. I think it's important that we get young people involved."{}

Hale currently serves as the South Carolina Democratic Party Field Director. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and has his J.D. and MBA from West Virginia University. Before joining the state Democratic Party, Hale was an assistant public defender in Northeastern Tennessee and worked for several social justice and environmental nonprofit organizations.