Local educator's book teases children's brains

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- Dr. Linda Kargas-Bone is passionate about childhood learning. She is a professor of education at Charleston Southern University. Her new children's book, "Brain Verse," offers fun activities to engage children's minds.

"Brain Verse" includes children's poetry with accompanying lessons tied to different parts of brain development. It is Linda Bone's 29th book for teachers but she maintains that it can also be used by parents.

"Poetry is ideal to stimulate language in young children," Bone said on Lowcountry Live. "Especially these story poems I've designed here in the book."

Bone said the poems are meant to be read aloud, followed by completion of the additional activities.

"Brain Verse" helps parents and teachers to connect neurons and promote early literacy. There are many ways to use words and brain-friendly activities to stimulate thinking and creativity at home and at school. Early childhood, according to Bone, is the most crucial period for learning.

"It's kind of scary," she noted. "The smartest any of us ever was around age two."

Signed copies of "Brain Verse" are available at the Education Station in Summerville Plaza and at the CSU Bookstore at Charleston Southern University

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