Local Haitian's journey to help rebuild his homeland

By Gregory{}

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Lowcountry man is still making trips to rebuild Haiti four years after a massive earthquake destroyed much of his homeland.

Jean Rebecca has been helping to rebuild his homeland since a 2010 earthquake destroyed Haiti. Rebecca says four years later, there' still a large need for support.

"I still see and hear the horror stories," said Rebecca. "It's those stories that keep me going back. I know the opportunities that being in the States afforded me."

Living in the United States gave Rebecca the opportunity to start a nonprofit called Kanpe Haiti, oor StandFor Haiti. This year Rebecca plans to purchase a piece of land in the city where he grew up to build a playground and start an educational program for kids in the neighborhood.

"It will be an educational program for kids who are not in school or with limited education," said Rebecca. "This way they won't be too far behind. They are already behind as it is."

Rebecca is leading two groups back to Haiti. Volunteers will help provide clothes, food, and medical services. Priscilla Sotelo is one of several volunteers from North Palm Community Church who will be going for the first time.

Sotelo says in addition to what is already planned, she also hopes members at her church shares the love of God.

"It's not just about going and saying here is some food and here is some water," said Sotelo. "It's also that emotional state of theirs that I just want to let them know that there's people out here who care for them and that even though we are miles and miles away we are still aware of what their needs are."

Rebecca and volunteers will be in Haiti for two weeks.

"My hope for Haiti is that the nations around and across the world will continue to invest in Haiti and that those resources that are sent out are used for what it was purposed and destined to be," said Rebecca.

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