Local non-profit sends aid to Ebola-stricken Liberia

Photo: WMI (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Lowcountry based non-profit is working to help people in the African nation of Liberia.

According to a release from Water Missions International, a doctor working with the organization traveled there last week. Officials said Dr. Jeff Deal, the director of Health Studies for WMI, is helping train doctors to use a germ fighting robot called Tru-D Smart UVC which he invented to fight infections in hospitals.

"Three healthcare workers died yesterday of Ebola," Deal said in a report to WMI. "On top of all of this, it is the rainy season and clinical cases of cholera have erupted, and they are having a hard time differentiating cholera from malaria from Ebola as the labs are overwhelmed with specimens. The people here really need access to safe water."

WMI is also sending some of its water treatment systems that will provide water for up to 200-thousand people.{} All of this is part of the ongoing fight against ebola in the region. To learn more about how you can help, click here.