Local pediatrician gets to be principal for a day

Dr. Barabell reading to students as part of the Principal for A Day program (Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Sonya

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a principal for a day?

Some local business executives got to find out as part of the Principal for a Day program, which is a collaborative event between the local school districts, the Education Foundation, and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Greg Barabell is a pediatrician with Select Health, but on Thursday he got to be a guest principal. His day started out helping with the morning announcements then he started visiting various classrooms and even read to some of the younger students.

"I have gotten to see the computer room where children as young as four are learning skills necessary to learn, grow in the education environment today," said Barabell. "We got to see the school library and the children actively engaged in reading as well as participate in many of the classes seeing the children actively learn."

Barabell got to do more than visit with the children.

"I have been able to walk a mile in Principal Wilson's shoes and it's been an amazing experience seeing the way that the school runs, teaching the child as an individual and also the school as a whole has been an amazing experience," said Barabell.

Principal Alan Wilson believes that the program provides insight to those involved.

"It gives them an opportunity to come in and see okay here is the inside workings: here is the things that go on day to day in the background that allows them to say, 'Oh, I understand now, this is what they are doing, this is why they are doing it, and this is how we can help them do it,'" said Wilson.

The kids seem to enjoy the variety too.

"They see someone that is new and I think it gives them a feeling of okay, there is other people outside the school that is interested in what we do," said Wilson.

There is a follow-up breakfast Friday at Charleston Southern University. It gives those principals for a day a chance to share their experiences.

The hope is that the Principal for a Day program will open doors so that partnerships between the schools and various companies will continue in the future.

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