Local principals preparing to answer questions about Newtown shooting

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- There are still many unanswered questions about the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., but in the Lowcountry school administrators said they plan to stay vigilant on safety measures already in place.

"Our practices are for the adults in the building and also for the children. The intruder drill that we do in school: we ask our teachers to lock their doors grab any children in the hall and then we go around and check the doors pretty violently as if to stir some emotion. so they know it's serious," said Marty French, principal of Daniel Island School.

French said each semester they run an intruder drill. A drill with recent events in Connecticut, reminds everyone not to become complacent, she said.{}{}{}

"Don't normalize. Come every day with safety first on your list and I think it's also helpful for our parents to heed that so that when we ask for driver's license or security checks or we don't let them in the building easily -- sometimes they have to go through a process so that they understand why we do that," said French.{}

Ric Raycroft, Principal of Hanahan High School, became an administrator in a post-Columbine era.

"In that situation the people responsible for what happened were students at the school, you really had to be more attentive to what even the kids in the school were doing," said Raycroft.{}{}

Raycroft said his school also runs intruder drills but, it can be a challenge to get high school students to take it seriously, even when the sheriff's department participates in the drill.{}

"We work very hard to collaborate and communicate with our law enforcement, and experts in situations like this and have the best plan possible in place," said Raycroft.

Raycroft said he expects some of his students will have questions about their safety at school.

"We just make sure that they know that we are there and available to help," said Raycroft.{}