Local Shrimper fixes boat after it partially sank last month

By Gregory Woods

SHEM CREEK, S. C. (WCIV) -- After local shrimper Capt. Tommy Edwards' boat, Miss Judy Too, partially sank last month, he said it's been a long road to recovery.

"We had to haul the boat all the way to Brunswick, Ga., to get it fixed," said Edwards.

Last week, Edwards finally sailed his boat back home to Shem Creek. He said he still has to make a few last minute fixes on the boat, but he is ready for the next shrimping season.

"It's a blessing, I am really happy that I can make another year and support people with local fresh seafood," said Edwards.

It was midnight when Edwards said he received a phone call that his boat was sinking; friends and the North Charleston Fire Department came to the rescue with water pumps. It took several hours of pumping hundreds of gallons of water to get the boat he's had for 20 years back on top of the water.

Edwards said the boat was saved, but the water damage almost put him out of business.

"We had to change the oil and flush out the engines, fix the alternator, the starter, all of the electrical systems, we had to do a lot," said Edwards.

The repairs to fix his boat were not cheap.

"Easily I've spent $15,000," said Edwards. "I had to max out some credit cards, and with the support of friends and customers and a couple of nice people who gave me some really nice donations, I was able to make it happen."

Still, Edwards says he's barely keeping afloat. So he is ready to get back to work, his goal is to "make money, keep people happy and these restaurants supporting me," said Edwards.

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