Local shrimpers host fundraiser for Captain Magwood

By Gregory Woods

MOUNT PLEASANT, S. C. (WCIV) -- Capt. Rocky Magwood has been the captain of a shrimp boat since he was 13 years old, but nothing could have prepared him for Tuesday when his boat, the Lady Eva, started to sink into Shem Creek.

After 24 hours of pumping water out of the boat, the Lady Eva finally rose above water.

Sunday, the local shrimping community hosted a fundraiser for Captain Magwood, he still can't believe what happen to his boat.

"It's amazing to see it happen," said Magwood. "You really just don't want the people to come to the fundraiser because you wish you didn't have a tragedy. But it's great to know you got great friends and your community sticks behind you."

Friends like Grace Edwards, who is the founder of the local nonprofit Shem Creek Fisheries, organized the event.

She said she doesn't expect the fundraiser to solve all of Magwood's problems, but rallying around a fellow shrimper in their time of need is how she was raised.

"This is what we do when something happens to our guys. Shem Creek Fisheries comes in and we take of it," she said.

It's friends like Edwards that leaves Magwood speechless.

"It's hard to say in words how I feel for everybody that is helping me, I'm just so thankful," Magwood said.

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