Local teen now home schooled because of bullies

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- There are many different ways children are asked to deal with bullies. They are told to tell an adult or maybe confront the bully.

One Lowcountry mother asked her child to try all the conventional ways of dealing with bullies, starting at the age of five.{}

"We told him to ignore it, because that's what most parents tell their kids, ignore the comments they go away. The problem is the comments don't go away. They start eating away at the inside. They leave scars, they leave bruises. It starts to tear away at them," she said.

The woman's son, who is now a teenager and asked we not show his face, remembers being picked on kindergarten.{}

"Pretty bad, it escalated from four-eyes to no one loves you, your parents don't love you, pretty much everything. I was even called curse words," said the boy.

The teen says the verbal abuse eventually became physical.

"They would punch me, poke me with pencils, I actually got thrown into a wall, picked up and shoved up the wall," said the teen.

The boy says he and his mother involved the school too many times to count. He says one time even paint was poured down his back.{}

"They said we didn't catch it on camera sorry," said the boy. His mom added, "Going to the school they tried to do things. Unfortunately their hands were tied a lot of times."

The woman says she was told if her son tries to defend himself in a fight he would be suspended or even arrested.{} Mom says she even went so far as to buying him new clothes hoping he wouldn't be teased.

"I used to dress like a skater, until someone threatened to break my legs. I stopped with that, I just tried everything," said the boy.

By the sixth grade the boy decided he had enough. His mother withdrew him and began home school.

"Unfortunately, that's why we have things that happen like Columbine and kids killing themselves, it's unfortunate because these parents want to overlook it. It shouldn't be over looked," she said.

The teen says right now he's sure he never wants to go back to school, but he's hoping his story will help people to understand how bad bullies really are.

"They're hurtful, they're horrible. They can do horrible things, "said the teen.

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