Local toy store sees boost from Cyber Monday sales

By Ava

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) It's Cyber Monday, but the cash registers at Wonder Works are keeping up with their online counterparts.

"We've already had half the amount of orders the entire weekend that same amount in three hours this morning. It bumps up our business a little bit and anything to do to help with local businesses is really important," said store owner Christine Osborne.

She says it's their first Cyber Monday and online convenience is what shoppers want.

"All brick and mortar stores it's something you've got to think about. We've got to look at what Amazon is doing. We have to sit there and be able to not compete with them but be complementary to them," said Osborne.

Online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart are posting deals every hour to try and grab customers.

{}"Well, I saw a lot of half offs at Target and Walmart although I was looking for myself," said Julisa Tindall.

Frank Hefner, a professor of economics at the College of Charleston, says both Cyber Monday and Black Friday create the expectation of discounts, but it doesn't mean shoppers are actually buying more.{}{}

"Did it add additional shopping or did I just postpone what I was going to buy and wait to Monday to get that discounted price?" asked Hefner. {}