Local woman in running to design Obama campaign t-shirt

By Tessa

NORTH CHARLESTON. S. C. (WCIV)- Laurel Stender made a New Year's resolution to enter more contests. It looks like it's starting to pay off.

Stender, a graduate student and t-shirt designer by trade, recently received an email from the Obama campaign. They were launching a nationwide t-shirt design competition.

The prize? The winning design would be featured on t-shirts and tote bags in President Obama's online store.

Not expecting that she would even be considered,{}she waited to submit her entry on the very last day that designs were being accepted.

An email just a few days ago proved her wrong.

Laurel is now one of nine finalists in the 'Runway To Win' design contest.

"I really wanted a design that represented a coming together,"she says.

She uses the colors red and blue that are patched together "in the same way that we're all from different backgrounds and different religious and political affiliations."

If chosen as the winner, Laurel will be listed among the fashion industry's best.

"Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Sean John and all these famous designers have contributed their designs to the president's store on his web site and then my design will be seen alongside of those," she said. "That's pretty exciting to be in that kind of company."

Voting ends June 27, 2012. You can view Laurel's design as well the other finalists here.



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