Local woman saves weddings, one bride at a time

Cacky works to fix a bow on an flower arrangement outside a church prior to the start of a wedding ceremony. (Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

By Victoria Hansenvhansen@abcnews4.comCHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- She's faster than a Singer sewing machine and able to leap over small furniture without falling down. She's not a super hero, but she might as well be. She's Cacky, Charleston's very own wedding saver.Her speciality?"Coming to a bride's aid on her wedding day, last minute emergency details," Cacky Rivers Williams said from the Stitch Witch alteration shop in West Ashley.Her business is Cacky's Bride Aid, Your Wedding Day Lifesaver -- as in the candy."I am a Lifesaver," she says. "In case you swallow a Lifesaver it's got a hole in it. You'll survive."Cacky's job is to help brides survive what can be a nerve-wrecking day.We recently tagged along as she juggled 11 bridesmaids at a Mount Pleasant wedding. The bride was calm. Cacky rarely left her side. The groom was good. It was the father of the bride who was frazzled. Wait, make that the wife of the father of the bride who couldn't find his tie, who was frazzled."There's a missing tie, somehow, some way," Cacky said.Her long, lanky frame moved quickly and effortlessly through a room full of{} groomsmen.{} Their ties were{} all a soft, cool blue. She looked for an extra one for the bride's dad. All she could find was red. That just wouldn't do. {}Just as she was ready to make a mad dash for who knows where, Cacky spots him, the father of the bride."You have a tie on?""Yes", he said.{} "It's just not the right one, I don't think." {}Thankfully, the tie he had on was blue. Striped, but blue."Did you lose it?" Cacky asked."I have no idea where it is," he said.{} "My wife got one for me, and it was sitting around for six months. It's been sitting around for a long time. I don't know where it is."Cacky the diplomat headed back to the wife."Your husband has a tie on," Cacky said. "He's extremely handsome because it's blue. The only other tie was a red tie, but we got him in blue.""Thank you," the wife said. "Because he doesn't see the difference, blue, red, who cares."Problem solved.{} Potential argument averted.As she went back to the bride, something caught Cacky's eye. The back of the groom's mother's dress was gaping, just a bit."Was it showing?" asked the groom's mom."Yes mam," said Cacky."What can we do about it," said the woman."I just did it," said Cacky.Turns out, a little, double sided sticky tape can go a long way."I always put a thing of double sided sticky tape on a dress.{} I press it to them and it doesn't move the whole night," Cacky said.Cacky has quite a bag of tricks. Actually, it's a giant, plastic tackle box filled with emergency supplies." I have Tylenol, pins, Altoids, an extra veil, hairspray, medical kit, extra thread, scissors, baby wipes, you name it," she said.What does she use most?"I go through packs of Tums a week, not for me, for everybody else."You might wonder why anyone would put themselves in the middle of someone else's wedding.{} It must be madness."I have tons of crazy moments, but I have tons of grateful and thankful moments that I've had with each and every bride," Cacky said.Brides hire Cacky sometimes for just a couple of hours, often for the whole day. Some pay just to have her steam their dress. Her going rate?{} It's $125 per hour."I'm there for the bride. I make them feel safe, make them feel secure."Peace of mind, for some is{} priceless on their wedding day.

About Cacky

Cacky Rivers Williams is a native Charlestonian and has lived here her entire life. She is a graduate of Ashley Hall and the College of Charleston. Cacky worked in several industries before discovering her real passion as a Bridal Consultant in 2008.

A few of the services she offers

Final fitting with seamstress (so she will know how to bustle wedding gown)

Accompanying the bride during portraits

Steaming of all dresses in wedding party

Helping bride and bridal party get dressed

Having "emergency" sewing kit on hand

Helping bridal party with pictures after ceremony

Bustling bride just before her first dance

Taking care of the "little" things so EVERYONE can enjoy the day..whatever that may be!

Contact Cacky

Want to contact Cacky? Click here to visit her website and complete the contact form.

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