Loftis opponent: TV ads show political hypocrisy

By SEANNA ADCOXAssociated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis' primary opponent says the first-term Republican is a hypocrite for appearing in the same kind of TV ads he hammered his predecessor on in 2010.

Brian Adams questions how Loftis can rationalize appearing in Future Scholar ads after pledging he would never do such a thing.

Loftis won his first political office in 2010 partly by criticizing then-Treasurer Converse Chellis as using the college-savings program to promote himself.

Loftis railed against the ads then as publicly funded, though the ads were funded by the investment firm managing the program.

Loftis signed a new management contract in 2012. His office blacked out sections before providing a copy.

He said Monday the new contractor pays for marketing directly rather than giving money to the state to distribute.

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