Police chief retires from Mt. Pleasant department after 2 decades of service

Police Chief Harry Sewell (File/WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- After over two decades of serving with the Mount Pleasant Police Department, Chief Harry Sewell has retired.

The statement released from the Mount Pleasant police is as follows:

"Today, I announce with mixed emotions that Police Chief Harry Sewell has submitted his retirement from the Town of Mount Pleasant, effective December 31st.{} In his 22 years with the Town, Harry has had an extraordinary impact on our community.{} Despite the challenges associated with our immense growth and the nation's economic downturn, Harry positioned the Mount Pleasant Police Department to be one of the finest in America, as evidenced by our accreditation reports.{} His professionalism and unwavering commitment to serving the citizens of Mount Pleasant is something we are truly thankful for and something we will undoubtedly miss.{} Harry is a great man and a top-notch police chief - the finest.{} I am honored to call him my friend.{} We wish him the best as he pursues the next chapter in his life."

"Inevitably, the question of his replacement arises.{} I believe that we possess in-house the talent we need to fill Harry's position and to maintain the department's long standing tradition of excellence.{} I plan to discuss with Town Council our selection for Harry's replacement immediately.{} The position of Police Chief is extremely important to our community.{} Our citizens must continue to be able to rely on the safety and security that they have long been blessed under the leadership of Chief Sewell.{} I will seek the input of Town Council, who represents our community, as we proceed with the selection process."

Chief Sewell released the following statement, later in the day:

"It waswith mixed emotions that I announced today my intent to retire as the Chief ofPolice of the Mount Pleasant Police Department, effective December 31,2012.{} I have truly had an amazing careerworking with the Mount Pleasant Police Department over the last 22 1/2 years and cannotbelieve how fast time has gone.{} I havebeen blessed working with some of the finest men and women in lawenforcement.{} I will be leaving the MountPleasant Community in great hands and with the support of our great citizenry; Mount Pleasant willcontinue to be one of the safest communities in the state.{} The Town of Mount Pleasant has been anawesome place to work, and I could never express how much I appreciate what thetown has done for me and my family, or how much I have enjoyed serving thecitizens.{} Over the last year or so, Ihave been getting a strong call to go into the ministry to serve my Lord, JesusChrist; therefore, I am going to pursue this calling.{} I am limiting my comments until I have had achance to spend some time discussing my upcoming retirement and future withMayor Swails and Town Council."

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