Longtime CSU coach announces resignation

File photo of Coach Bellush (2009/WCIV)

By Scott

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- {}In sports these days, coaching changes happen on a near daily basis. {}Coaches leave for more money, coaches are fired, coaches want bigger challenges.

The bottom line for most coaches is their profession is in their blood and they'll do anything to continue their career.

Longtime Charleston Southern Head Volleyball coach Danyel Bellush isn't most coaches. She started her career at one place, and now, after 15 years as a head coach, she'll leave her career at the same place, her alma mater CSU. {}

Bellush has resigned as the head volleyball coach at Charleston Southern. {}

"I walked on CSU's campus when I was 17," she said. "Now 20 years later it was a bittersweet decision to leave. {}I have worked with some amazing people and have coached even more amazing young women. I received my education, started my career and most importantly found my faith at CSU."Arguably the most important thing she found at CSU, her husband BJ. {}

The former CSU volleyball player and former CSU baseball player met, married and now have a growing family. {}

Just weeks ago, on the same week that BJ, the head baseball coach at Ashley Ridge HS, won the state championship, Danyel gave birth to the couple's third child.{} The time constraints of three children at home were just a bit too tough for Bellush to mix with the time of leading a Division 1 volleyball team and recruiting on the road. {}

"I will be starting a new profession in the public school system and will be able to spend more time with my children and support my husband," Bellush said. "I always said he was the best coach in the house." {}

For Danyel Bellush, she walks away on her own terms. {}She walks away from a school she started coaching at. {}She walks away from so much more than a job- she walks away from her life for the last two decades and she also walks away from the newest group of girls to don CSU volleyball uniforms. {}

"It was hard to tell the team," she said. "But I knew they would understand and they are such a wonderful group that I knew I could walk away and they would be fine."

While her husband won his first state championship this year as a HS head coach, Danyel can never say she won one at the college level as a head coach, but she came close making several trips to the Big South conference semi-finals and finals. {}

"Winning the semi-finals for the first time a couple years ago was a huge moment but really it has been the relationships with players and colleagues over the years that I will cherish and miss the most."

She'll stay nearby. She'll have a close eye on the school that meant so much to her life, career and her life, but Danyel Bellush is at peace with the decision to close that chapter knowing a new coach will soon open one up. {}That's what coaches do.