'Loom boom' has captured kids' attention across country

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Rainbow looms are growing in popularity in many schools across the country.

Red, yellow, green and blue are all colors in a rainbow; and all can be found in a rainbow loom.

"If I have nothing to do, I would do this because it's fun and creative," said Ella, a Jeannie Moore Elementary School student.

She picks through the ones she's created, pointing out the things that make each one unique: "This one is the zippy chain and this one is the starburst."

With different names and patterns, kids put on their creative caps to decide which bracelet they will make on their loom with colored rubber bands - and a hook to bring it all together.

"It actually is a great learning tool. It is showing their creativity, their individuality. It's something they can distress and sit at the kitchen table and do it. You can spend five minutes on it or you can spend hours on it," said Lauren Courcoux.

And the demand for the bands is sky rocketing.

"The loomania isn't really just an obsession. It is crazy. It is one of the largest trends in the toy industry that I have seen in the last 25 years," said Christine Osborne, the owner of Wonder Works.

Osborne said the loom boom is saving specialty toy stores across the country.

"Christmas has hit already," she said. "Economically, it is huge."

And with a free class to teach people how to make the looms, Osborne says the toy trend is unlike any other in that it's not about collectibles, but is functional in that it develops fine motor skills and creative critical thinking.

"It gets the kids doing something and they are obsesses with it. I mean, they are making nine and 10 bracelets some nights before they go to bed," said Osborne. "They are not watching TV; they are sitting there inventing the bracelets."

Kids are leading the charge in loading, looming, and loving their own creations, challenging themselves and having fun when they show them off.

Wonder Works offers free looming classes on Fridays and Saturdays at their West Ashley and Mount Pleasant locations.