Love Food? Try Dishcrawl Charleston for a Sampling of the City's Finest.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- I've been to a few so-called pub crawls over the years where you venture from bar to bar sampling some of the establishments finest spirits, so when the offer to try out a dish crawl came I jumped at the opportunity.

Charleston is one of the yummiest cities in the nation. If you could collectively put the city on a cracker and eat it, you would experience a variety of flavors along with some of the most unique seasonings known to mankind. We are a foodie town full of foodies and people who love food.

These dish crawls are a prime opportunity to try out restaurants you may not have even heard of. In this case, three out of the four restaurants we tried I had no idea they even existed.

First stop was Carolina's. Known for its deep southern flare, Carolina's is the kind of place you might imagine the governor or any fine Southern family would dine. On the dish crawl, I was a bit disappointed to only get a sampling of their food -- hushpuppies and chips with some sort of tangy dip. And it was served buffet style and only in small portions at a time. Imagine the foodie feeding frenzy when the samplings arrived.

From there we walked over to Cesca, which serves trattoria style Italian food. First of all, the place smelled amazing. Our group walked in and we were ushered to a long line of plates laid out with four different samplings of their cuisine. The food was delicious and the restaurant was lovely, but we spent way too much time there. Many of us finished off our food in less than five minutes and just mingled for the other 45 minutes or so.

By this time, we were getting really hungry and all of the food leading up to this point had been bite sized teasers. It was announced our next stop would be Lowcountry Bistro around the city market area.

Upon arriving, we were ushered up a flight of stairs to an open area set up just for our group. How nice! We all sat down and were each given a plate with 3 different types of main course dishes including chicken & sweet potato waffles and various other foods with fried green tomatoes and a pretty nice drink special. The food was outstanding! Funny because before getting to the restaurant, a lovely couple I had been walking with was telling me all about how yummy the food was and that they hoped we'd be going to Lowcountry Bistro.

The chef explained the dishes we were eating and the ingredients that went into making them. It was delightful to hear a little about the restaurant and the food we were eating.

Our final stop along the tour was, of course, dessert. And no one does dessert in this city quite like Kaminksy's. Our group was so large that we couldn't eat in the small section that houses the delicious treats. Instead, we were ushered upstairs at a nearby restaurant where the staff brought us a scrumptious cobbler and cider -- a perfect night cap to an evening full of fun and new friends.

If you missed this Dishcrawl there is another one{} you can check out being held Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m.