Loved ones looking for answers after woman found dead

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- A man was arrested over the weekend following a car chase through Mount Pleasant. Now the family of the woman in the passenger seat want to know if he directly caused her death.

Michael Galasso has fond memories of his mother, Laura Lynch.

"The best Mom you could ask for. She'd feed you if you was hungry even if you wasn't her own son," he said.

Search crews found her body Monday morning near Green Bay Road in Berkeley County. Sheriff's deputies say she was a passenger in a car driven by Michael Browder.

"My Mom didn't make the best choices always, but this is an instance I feel in my heart and gut that she was a victim of circumstance," said Galasso.

He says his mother needed to go to the store last Thursday and Browder gave her a ride. But Mt. Pleasant Police say that ride turned into a chase after Browder refused to stop for them.

He dumped his car in Huger, leaving Linda Lynch behind.

"He could have did something other than leave her in the woods to die. She didn't deserve to go like that, natural causes or not," said Galasso.

The coroner says she died of natural causes, but family members want to make sure Browder didn't do anything to harm her.

"If something bad happened, I just want to know so me, my family, can move on from it. If he hurt her, I just want to know. If he didn't, that's fine. I can accept that and move on as well. I just want justice to be done properly," explained Galasso.

For now, he looks at photo of remember the good times with his mother while hoping Browder stays behind bars.

"I don't think he needs to be let back out because he's a danger to society," said Galasso.

Browder had a bond hearing in Dorchester County on Tuesday afternoon for a parole violation.

Berkeley County Coroner Bill Salisbury said autopsy results are pending, but right now he says there were no signs of trauma on Laura Lynch.