Students at one Lowcountry school have us seeing double

By Tessa

MONCKS CORNER, S. C. (WCIV) -- H.E. Bonner Elementary is considered by students and faculty as Berkeley County's best kept secret.

Among many reasons why, they have what is likely the largest amount of twins in its student body of any Lowcountry school -- 18 sets.{}{}

Since 2007, the twins have had their own section in the yearbook.

When preparing the annual edition, visual arts teacher Jessica Wade says of the twins,"they just all seem very close-knit and very loving and they get excited every year that they get to do the yearbook page."

School officials also want the best experience for parents of the twins.

"We try to make sure that the parents have consistency," principal Natalie Lockliear says. "If they're (twins) not in the same class, we try to pair them up so they don't have different homework assignments and it's not double everything."

Though it takes some teachers a little time to get used to seeing double, fifth grade teacher Kathleen Roland says it's a great experience and a whole lot of fun.

"They both have their own personalities and own identities, so it's cool to see both sides," she said.

Officials at H.E. Bonner say if you are the parent of twins and you have a preference as to whether they should be in the same classes or not, let the principal know and always put your request in writing.

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