Low pressure system off FL coast has chance of turning tropical, says NWS

MIAMI (WCIV) -- A low pressure system off the coast of Florida has a slowly growing probability of turning into the first tropical system of the Atlantic hurricane season.According to National Weather Service forecasters, the system was located about 230 miles east of St. Augustine, Fla., at{}2 p.m. Sunday, creating storms as it moves south.Currently, weather conditions in the area make it unlikely the system will develop into a tropical storm in the immediate future, but that could change by the middle of the week, NWS officials said.Officials set the chance of the low pressure system developing into a tropical system at 60 percent over the next 48 hours. That chance increases to 80 percent over the next five days, officials said.Hurricane Hunters will fly{}into the system{}Monday morning if necessary.With the possibility of a first-named storm, South Carolina Emergency Management Division has come out with a list of helpful tips and mobile apps as a reminder to be prepared this hurricane season. Some tips include:--Checking to see if text alerts are available through businesses and government agencies.{}--Utilize mobile banking apps. {}--Take advantage of insurance apps. {}--Have a car phone charger and spare phone battery. {}--Have a backup such as battery-powered or hand-crank NOAA weather radio.

It is advised to download and test mobile apps before an evacuation, not during, and see which ones work for you and your family. Some free emergency apps recommended by the SCEMD are the National Weather Service app, American Red Cross:Shelter View, Gas Buddy, and FEMA's app.

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