Lowcountry community rallies behind Israel

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) As the conflict in the Middle East intensifies between Israel and the Palestinian group, Hamas, many members of the Lowcountry community have banded together to show its support for Israel.

The two warring parties are fighting over a piece of land known as the Gaza Strip.

On Monday night, it was standing room only as several hundred people packed the Jewish Community Center in West Ashley.

From area pastors to state lawmakers, the event also attracted people of non-Jewish faith.

"How can you steal land that doesn't even belong to the Arabs in the first place," stated one James Island pastor.

About a year ago, State Representative Alan Clemmons drafted a pro-Israel resolution that passed in the House.

"It gave confidence and hope to Israelis that the hearts of Americans were with Israel," said Clemmons.

A native of Israel, Rabbi Elisar Admon says the conflict spans thousands of years and recently ignited yet again.

"The Hamas want to kill us. The Hamas want to wipe us out from the land," said Admon. "When they (Hamas) send the rockets, you never know where it's going to fall."

Those who support Israel say that particular piece of land belongs to the Israelis.

"It's been our land for more than 4,000 years. We got this land from God," said Admon.

With no one knowing when the current conflict might end, Admon hopes soon, before anymore lives on both sides, are lost.

"We want peace," said Admon.

The Jewish Federations of North America recently started a campaign called "Israel Terror Relief Fund."

The money raised will help support the more than one million residents of Israel's south, who have been living in siege and under rocket fire in the Gaza Strip.

To donate, click here.

If you prefer your donation to be processed offline, you can make contributions and pledges via text message by simply texting "Israel" to 51818 and someone will call you to finalize your contribution. Or you may send a check to:

The Jewish Federations of North AmericaWall Street Station PO Box 148 New York, NY 10268 Attention: Israel Terror Relief Fund.