Lowcountry sun and fun in January

Busy beach for a day in January on Isle of Palms

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- By just looking at the crowded golf courses, sunny skies and bustling fishing piers, you might not know it's Jan. 12.{}

"It's very nice outside very beautiful today," said Jessica Kenyon who came to the Mt. Pleasant pier to fish with friends from her youth group.

Kenyon said it's definitely unusual to be wearing t-shirts in the middle of winter.

"Yes I was kind of surprised because it's like January. So, the weather should be cold but it's nice being warm," said Kenyon.{}

T-shirts and shorts seemed to be the uniform of choice for a flag football game.{} As many picnic blankets were laid out in the sun, others at work helped to keep people cool.

"It's crazy, we're getting a lot of ice cream customers today," said Lauren Talley who works at Island Joe's Expresso and Ice Cream on Isle of Palms. Talley said the weather is great for business.

"Usually we don't have the luxury of opening in January, because its too cold for Ice cream. Not this year we've got the doors open and were selling us some ice creams in January," said Talley.{}

The public beaches also experienced close to tourist-season crowds, but there were some who could only think of relaxing at the beach.{}

"I'd be at the beach right now normally if I wasn't training for this thing," said runner Meredith Deckert.

Deckert is just one of hundreds of runners, walkers and bikers who made their way to the paths on the Ravenel bridge.

"I got a little anxious, I have to run 16 miles now -- I'm training for next week's Charleston full marathon,"said Deckert.{}

Deckert says hot weather is okay for now, but she's hoping it will cool off in time for the marathon.