Lowcountry veteran dies overseas

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Erika Limburg cried over the phone as she remembered her fianc, Staff Sgt. Jason Thomas Walton.

"He was probably the best guy I ever met in my life," Walton said.

On Dec. 4, Limburg says Walton died in his sleep while in Afghanistan. Limburg says Walton spent the last year in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor working as a logistics analyst for SAIC, a company based out of North Charleston.

"He was just one of those guys you get along with right off the rip," said Rik Cribb, who worked with Walton in Afghanistan. "Some people you get along with okay but, he was just instantly likeable and fun."

Limburg says Walton served six years in the United States Air Force and served several tours overseas before voluntarily going back to Afghanistan.

"Everybody is still kind of dealing with it in their own ways. No doubt about it, it's a huge loss," said Cribb.

Limburg says she was in the hospital the day Walton passed. She said she had just found out she was unable to have children.

"I said it would be okay because Jason loved me no matter what," said Limburg. "I found out the next day that he had passed so, I think it was kind of the worst thing possible because I don't really know what a future looks like without him."

Walton will be buried in Indiana on Friday.

Family members say they are still waiting on the exact cause of his death.{}