Judge rejects request to drop murder charge against Cycle Gear suspect

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The man accused of murder in a shootout at a motorcycle shop in North Charleston was denied a request to drop the murder charges against him in court on Thursday.

Deputies had a heightened presence outside the preliminary hearing court Thursday, in anticipation that anything could happen with members of rival motorcycle gangs in the same courtroom.

Police said Ronald Reid was involved in a fatal gang fight at the Cycle Gear motorcycle shop in North Charleston last month. They said he shot a rival gang member, Maurice Horry, after a fight inside the shop spilled out.

Investigators said there were several gang members involved, but only the suspect and the victim had guns.

"Mr. Reid has his weapon drawn very quickly after leaving the store and is pointing it toward the direction of where Horry would've been standing. We believe he is firing," said North Charleston Police detective Christopher Terry.

Attorney Andy Savage admitted his client did open fire, but said the victim fired first. He claimed his client acted in self defense.

"Does anybody say he fired his weapon before three other people were shot?" Savage said.

The detective answered in the negative. To that Savage asked, "Is that called self defense?"

Savage asked the judge to throw out the case. He said there was not enough evidence against his client.

But the judge disagreed and bound the case over for trial.

"There are never any winners when it comes to this. Never. Every body lost that day," the magistrate judge said.

Three people lost their lives in what police called a brutal gang battle. Horry's family said, "God is not dead. He is much alive."

Family members said they had no other comment.

Barry Stinson, another suspect in the case, was also in court. Police charged him with assault and battery by mob. The judge bound his case over as well, and reduced his bond from $500,000 to $100,000.