Man arrested after police find $4,000 in stolen silverware

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A man was arrested early Friday morning after officers determined thousands of dollars of Sterling silver dinnerware was in his possession, police said.{}

According to police, Wade Alan Krauel was stopped by police shortly after midnight for a traffic violation. While an officer was investigating the car Krauel was driving, he found a green bag full of silver dinnerware.

The officer, recalling a briefing earlier in the evening that focused on a burglary in which dinnerware and jewelry was stolen, questioned Krauel about the bag's contents. According to police, Krauel said the dinnerware belonged to his girlfriend's dead aunt and that he had been asked to pawn the goods.

A detective was sent to the scene and positively identified the stolen goods and Krauel was arrested, police said.{}

Officers also search Krauel's motel room where they reportedly found more dinnerware and jewelry. The goods were valued at $4,000.{}

Krauel was placed in the Charleston County Detention Center.