Bond set for man accused of trying to drown daughter's dog, killing 2 others

Dara the Dog after her rescue (File photo/WCIV)

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Georgetown County Sheriff's Investigators have arrested 47-year-old Bobby Joe McConnell for the attempted killing of Dara the dog and the killing of two other dogs found on July 5 in the IP Canal.

Dara was found in the canal with her paws and muzzle duct taped together on July 2.{}

McConnell was charged with 3 counts of ill treatment of animals. His bond was set at 15 thousand dollars Wednesday.

The following was released by the Sheriff's Office:

"The Georgetown County Sheriff's Investigators arrested 47-year-old Bobby Joe McConnell, of 1005 Pyatt Street, Georgetown, today for the attempted cruel killing of "Darra" (the dog that was saved) which was found on July 2nd and the cruel killing of the two dogs found on July 5th in the IP Canal.{} McConnell was charged with 3 counts of Ill Treatment of Animals.

Georgetown County Sheriff's Investigators began their investigation immediately after Darra was found on July 2nd by following up on tips received from concerned citizens which lead to the interviews of several witnesses.{} Sheriff's investigators began looking into McConnell for being responsible for the deaths and attempted death after witnesses told investigators he made statements to them about how he was going to dispose of the dogs.{}

As the investigation continued, sheriff's investigators interviewed witnesses who provided substantial information of McConnell making statements that he took the dogs off.{} In addition, investigators learned Darra belonged to his daughter, one of the deceased dogs belonged to his mother-in-law and it is unknown at this time who owned the third deceased dog.

Not only did witnesses provide information about statements made by McConnell, some also provided information which allowed investigators to establish a time line of McConnell's whereabouts and actions just prior to the July 2nd discovery of Darra and after the discovery of the two deceased dogs.{} All of this information combined with additional evidence compiled by sheriff's investigators led to the arrest of McConnell.

Sheriff A. Lane Cribb said, "Many of the leads and tips came to light during this investigation as a result of the immediate release of the incidents and the prompt publishing by the media.{} I would like to thank everyone who assisted during this investigation which allowed my investigators to conduct a thorough investigation and bring justice for three helpless and harmless dogs."

This case is still currently under investigation as sheriff's investigators continue to compile evidence against McConnell. In the meanwhile, McConnell is currently being held at the Georgetown County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing."