Man attacks, hospitalizes Summerville officer during trespass call

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- A homeless Summerville man attacked a Summerville police officer to the point the officer had to be hospitalized over the weekend.

According to a police report, officers were sent to a Violet Drive home they had visited several times in the past to handle a man who had been trespassing. When an officer arrived, he found a 62-year-old woman trying to push 20-year-old Tyreece Stokes off her property.

The officer recognized Stokes from having to kick him off the property in the past, the report states, and started trying to talk him into the street where Stokes could be arrested.

The woman told the officer that Stokes had a knife in his pocket, so the officer pushed Stokes against a car to restrain him and check him for weapons, according to the report.{} The woman later told officers that she grabbed at Stokes' knife because she was afraid that he would use it to hurt the officer.

Stokes resisted, writhing to a point one officer fell on his back and Stokes fell on top of him.

That's when Stokes began hitting the officer in the throat and head and then got on top of the officer and began to choke him, the report states. The officer says he felt that Stokes was going to kill him, adding that he was having trouble remaining conscious due to the blows to his neck that were making it difficult to breathe.

The woman jumped on Stokes' back, trying to wrestle him off of the officer. The officer wrote in his report that he was going to fire on Stokes, but did not because the woman was on Stokes' back and he did not want to hit her with gunfire.

The woman's daughter also tried to pull Stokes off of the officer.

The officer later credited the woman with saving his life.

The officer reportedly heard sirens in the distance and redoubled his fight, managing to get Stokes off of him, where he hit and kneed Stokes several time, the report states.

A backup officer arrived and fired a Taser, but it reportedly had no effect on Stokes. Ultimately, Stokes' resistance was unsuccessful and he was arrested.

The officer continued blacking out and was taken to Summerville Medical Center by EMS.

Stokes has been charged with first-degree assault, assault and battery on police while resisting arrest, first-degree stalking, and trespassing after notice.

His bond was set at $161,000 for the charges.