Man charged after charging Walterboro officer in police station

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) - A Walterboro man was charged early Saturday morning with several charges after police say he created a ruckus at an apartment complex and then charged an officer after he was arrested.

According to Walterboro police, 51-year-old Elgin Merle Selbee Jr., was involved in a loud verbal dispute over money with a woman. When police approached the home, they reportedly found Selbee with two knives and an open container of alcohol.

Selbee told officers the woman in the apartment took $300 from him, a report states, which ultimately led to him screaming at her shortly after midnight Saturday. Officers noted in the report that he was being loud enough to wake neighbors.

Selbee refused to calm down, so he was arrested and taken to the Colleton County Jail, police said. While headed to the jail, he reportedly bashed his head against the Plexiglas several times. At the jail, officers noted in the report, that Selbee became enraged and rushed one of the arresting officers, head-butting him.

Selbee was charged with disturbing the peace, obstructing law enforcement, and third-degree assault and battery.