Man charged with impersonating police says it's a big misunderstanding

By Nikki

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) A Moncks Corner man arrested for impersonating a police officer says the entire incident was a big misunderstanding.

Jason Stoddard, 32, spent part of his weekend in jail after police say he tried to pull over a woman in what appeared to be a real-life police cruiser.

"I'm not out here pulling people over, trying to murder people," said Stoddard.

Stoddard says his trouble all started after he borrowed a fake police cruiser from a friend to use in a music video early Saturday morning.

"I've been making films for 12 years," he said.

He says the shoot location all took place near a friend's house by Yale Drive and Mohawk Avenue on James Island.

Stoddard says a young woman he knew eventually showed up near the house and the confusion began.

"I got out of the car just to say 'Hey, you know, whatever' and then she took off running. I guess she didn't recognize me because I was in a hat and was wearing the same coat," said Stoddard.

According to police, the woman dialed 911 as Stoddard drove after her and actually tried to conduct a traffic stop using red and bluish white lights beaming from his Crown Victoria.

"There were four cops that had pulled me over and pulled me out of the car and said, 'You're impersonating a police officer. We have her over there saying she doesn't know you,'" said Stoddard.

Inside the fake cop car police say they found handcuffs, gloves, and an LED light bar.

"There was nothing illegal in the vehicle. I had no firearms. I wasn't wearing a police outfit. I had no blue lights," he says.

Now out on bond, he claims the young woman, who he says is also a personal friend, stands by his side of the story.

"She's completely apologetic to me. She's like, 'I'm so sorry. I had no idea it was you,'" he said.

Stoddard claims that there are reports stating that he works for the popular television show 'Army Wives.' He says he is in no way associated with the show.

ABC News 4 tried reaching out to the woman police call a victim but Stoddard calls a friend. However, she has not been available for comment.

For the charge of impersonating an officer a judge set Stoddard's bond at $25,000.