FBI now involved in case of Mt. Pleasant couple killed in St. Maarten

Michael and Thelma King (provided)

ST. MAARTEN (WCIV/CNN) -- While a Jamaican man has not officially been charged with the murder of a Mount Pleasant couple, a judge has agreed to prolong his custody.

Editor's note: CNN had reported that Meyshane Kemar Johnson was charged with murder in the deaths of Michael and Thelma King. This is not the case.

In a statement Thursday, officials in St. Maarten said they have interviewed more witnesses in the case and have reviewed video surveillance footage.

Also, according to a statement from the prosecutor's office in St. Maarten, officials are preparing to ask American authorities for help in the case.

Officials in St. Maarten released the following in a statement:

After the first 10 days of custody, the prosecution will have to decide whether it will ask the judge for the suspect's pre-trial detention. This phase could last a maximum of another 106 days. Yet a judge will have to decide on prolongation several times during that period of time. Only by the end of the pre-trial detention the prosecution will have to decide whether it will charge the suspect or release him, pending further investigation.

Michael and Thelma King were found dead inside their beachside condominium last week in the Caribbean country of St. Maarten.

A spokesman for the prosecutor's office in St. Maarten said Wednesday the FBI asked to assist in the investigation, and the offer was accepted.

Also, the spokesman said, investigators questioned possible witnesses Wednesday at the Ocean Club Resort. Investigators also viewed surveillance video from the scene, the spokesman said.

Johnson appeared before a judge Wednesday in St. Maarten, CNN reported. The news outlet reported a judge asked Johnson if he had anything to say about the allegations.

In St. Maarten, judges do not ask, "How do you plead?" according to reports.

A lawyer for Johnson said her client chose to maintain his right of silence and said nothing, according to CNN's report. The lawyer said Johnson has denied to her any involvement in the murders, the CNN report said.

Johnson will now stay in police custody until October 3, when a new decision on pre-trial detention will have to be made.