Man could hold key to solving Lion murder

By Eric

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- Charleston police say they are confident an arrest can be made in the Marley Lion murder case, and they believe one person may hold the key to making that possible.

Charleston officers and investigators say they've devoted countless hours into trying to solve Lion's murder. They now believe that work could pay off, but they still need more help.

Lion, 17, was shot dead more than two weeks ago while sleeping in his truck in the Famous Joe's parking lot, in West Ashley.

Investigators have studied surveillance video repeatedly to try to identify the shooter. They say an unidentified person, seen in the video, walking through the parking lot moments before the shooting, may be able to do it for them.

"Look at the individual in that video, who's wearing the white t-shirt, who's walking through the parking lot," said Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen, during a media briefing Tuesday.

Mullen says his detectives are very interested in talking to the man. He's not considered a suspect but could very well help solve Lion's murder.

"This individual in the white shirt walked through that parking lot. We feel very strongly that he may have considerable information that would benefit us in furthering the investigation, because he was right there in that parking lot," Mullen said.

Tuesday, Lion's mother, Elizabeth Paige, thanked the public for support since her son's death.

She urged anyone who may know anything to offer insight.

"The people that are responsible for that are still out there, and if you know something about that and you're not coming forward and saying anything, then my son's blood is on your hands," Paige said.

Paige continued to plead for help during a short statement. She said the burden must be held by the gunman.

"The people that did this to my son, they have to be held responsible. We have to live in a civil society," she said.

Investigators continue to examine tips they've received on the case. One recently led divers into two ponds in the vicinity of Famous Joe's. Officials did not say what, if anything, they found in that search.

Detectives are also reviewing more surveillance from cameras in the area, up and down Highway 17. That video has not been made available.

There is now a $13,000 reward being offered to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to an arrest.