Neighbor describes scene of man's death

Kenneth Dyer (Charged with murder)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Murder charges were filed over the weekend in the death of a Mount Pleasant man, who police say died in his front yard.

The victim, Robert Weir, was found in front of his house on June 21. His cause of death has not been released but police have charged a man with Weir's murder.

According to police, a neighbor discovered Weir next to his driveway.

"I had seen some tape, crime scene tape," says Julie Thompson.

Thompson didn't find Weir but woke up to what she described as something unusual the day he died.

"I stepped outside to see EMS, firefighters, police cars and there wasn't one light on, not a sound," she says. "It was such an eerie feeling, eerie sound of silence. I just knew something really bad had happened."

In a court affidavit obtained by ABC News 4, Weir had an argument with Kenneth Dyer over money Weir owed to Diamond's Escort Service. The document says Dyer later strangled Weir in the yard and attempted to destroy evidence.

Thompson says she also remembers seeing the coroner arrive at Weir's house.

"And then I looked out farther to see they were holding up a tarp, that there was a body that was actually outside," Thompson says.

In a report filed by Mount Pleasant police, Weir was found lying face down in the grass. He had no vitals and was pronounced dead on the scene. A bottle of liquor was found next to him.

Sunday, Dyer was charged with Weir's murder. Also charged was Shara Greene. Police say she was there when Weir was killed. Greene faces an accessory after the fact of murder charge. Dyer was denied bond, while Greene's bond was set at $200,000.

Robert Weir is survived by his three sons. All three are teenagers.