Man hit by lightning as severe weather hits Pawley's Island

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV)A landscaper is recovering from his injuries after lightning struck him Tuesday afternoon at a home located on the 300-block of Fieldgate Circle in the Ricefields subdivision on Pawleys Island.

"It was like a thunder and lightning I had never heard before. It was kind of a freak accident," said Michele Sodano, the homeowner. She said before the accident the landscaper was putting down pine straw in her backyard.

Before the lightning strike, Sodano said she was about to pick up her kids from school.

"As I got into the car, I heard the thunder and lightning and actually jumped a mile, and the whole side of the house lit up," she said.

When Sodano went around to her backyard, she discovered lightning had struck this tree and she{}found her landscaper on the ground.

"He was yelling, 'Help, help, help. What happened? What happened?" said Sodano.

"Upon arrival, paramedics found a white male in his forties who had been struck in the head by lightning traveling through and exiting out of his feet," said Bob Beebe with Midway Fire Rescue.

Beebe said that EMS rushed the man, whose name hasn't been released, to Waccamaw Community Hospital.

"He was alert and talking to our paramedics in the ambulance on the way to the hospital--just complaining of some nausea, dizziness, tingling in some extremities," said Beebe.

The National Weather Service reports about 400 people each year are struck by lightning.

WPDE also reports that students at several schools in the Pawleys Island area had to take cover{} due to a tornado warning, just as students at Waccamaw Elementary were getting ready to go home for the day.Parents told WPDE students were instructed to get under their desks and cover their heads with their hands as parents in line to pick their kids up were let into the school to take cover.There were no reports of damage at any of the schools.