Arrest in work zone accident is driver's third DUI since 2002

Hamrick (Provided)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Mount Pleasant man was charged with felony DUI after hitting a construction worker. It's the third time 34-year-old Daniel Hamrick has been arrested for DUI, since 2002.

The accident happened early Monday morning, in a work zone, on Highway 17.

"This is what I've got (pointing to court papers), this is what I've got, DUI, DUI, speeding, driving under suspension," said Magistrate Judge, Linda Lombard.

Hamrick has faced similar charges before.

"The killer in this situation is this driving record, which is horrendous, counselor, absolutely horrendous," added Lombard, during Tuesday's hearing.

Hamrick was given a $250,000 bond.

Police arrested him Monday morning, after they say his car drifted into a blocked off, work zone and struck 42-year-old Ahmad Garland.

"He is unresponsive, he could die," said the victim's stepdaughter, while in court. "He just went to his job. Today is my birthday. I can't even celebrate my birthday."

The victim's family said Garland suffered a severe head injury that required surgery.

"He can't do anything, we don't know what's going to be the outcome and it just hurts so bad because he's such a beautiful person," a family member said.

Court documents say Hamrick admitted to drinking one pint of beer before he drove. His attorney explained how Hamrick was driving home from his job, and that he was not under the influence.

"My client was at work, the Dog and Duck at Park West until just after 3 a.m.," said Scott Bischoff. "He was not out partying with anybody. He was there as the general manager of the restaurant."

According to police, Hamrick failed a field sobriety test after he hit the worker. Hamrick's blood alcohol level has not been released.

"He (Hamrick) has had this extensive record of driving under the influence and he didn't take into consideration, or have the respect, not even for himself," the victim's stepdaughter said.

Ahmad Garland was still in critical condition, as of 6 p.m. Tuesday.

His injuries at the time of the accident were considered life threatening.