Man says he was beat up by former North Charleston police officer

Reeves. (provided by Joseph Weston)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- According to papers provided by attorney Joseph Weston, North Charleston Police Officer Abraham Montes-Altamirano was fired August 26 for use of excessive force.

Weston is representing Arthur Reeves, who he said was beaten in a holding cell in August. Reeves was arrested for possession of marijuana.

North Charleston Police gave surveillance video from the holding cell to Arnold Reeves' attorney. He said his client complained about tight handcuffs. From there, Officer Abraham Montes-Altamirano pulled Reeves out of his cell and beat him. His lawyer said the officer twisted Reeves' arm.

"He throws him down to the ground. You can see his shoulder right there got dislocated," Weston said.

In the video, the officer then took Reeves in to a new cell where the video showed him banging his head against a table.

Reeves' attorney said his client never resisted and was a victim of excessive force.

After a department investigation, Montes-Atamirano was fired.

Reeves and his client plan to sue North Charleston Police.

"If you don't seek that justice on behalf of your client, what's to make an officer worry about consequences of what he's doing?" Weston asked.

North Charleston Police said they immediately responded to the case after it reported by another officer. That showed the department's internal procedures worked.

Officials said they hoped any officer would do the same thing.