Man screaming in 911 calls identified as murder victim's friend

By Valencia

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The terrifying moments during the fatal shooting at a motorcycle shop come to life while listening to the 911 calls.

Store employees called for help after a fist fight within Cycle Gear store turned into a gun fight. Stan Foxworthy is the store's manager and made one of the calls.

"We've got a bunch of guys firing guns back and forth at each other right here in the parking lot," Foxworthy told dispatchers.

At the time of his call, an unnamed man is locked in the store with him, two other employees and two customers. Police say that unnamed man was a friend of Maurice Horry, one of the three men murdered in the store's parking lot.

Unnamed man: "Call 911!!!"

Foxworthy: "We've got them on the phone. I think we've got somebody hit."

The man was armed and screaming, but what he said could not be understood. Employees in the store say he was dodging the mob of gangsters outside and they were not afraid of him.

Dispatch: "How's his behavior right now?"

Second Employee: "He's alright. He's scared to death."

The man was able to give Foxworthy a description of a possible gunman.

Foxworthy: "What's the description of the guy? Give me some description."

Unnamed man: "The Wheels of Soul -- Wheels of Soul. Tell them to hurry up, I'm trapped inside!"

The man was describing a motorcycle gang. Police later confirmed the fight was between two gangs: the Wheels of Soul and the Real Kings.

Foxworthy: "Wearing a motorcycle vest."

Dispatch: "What color is that vest?"

Foxworthy: "Black with a crown on the back."

Eventually, the man surrendered his gun to a store employee. He told the employee that he picked up the gun off the ground.

Three men were killed in the crossfire. One of those men was 36-year old Theodore Waymyers of Summerville. Neighbors say Waymyers was a kind man who would help cut his neighbors grass and help out when ever he could.

"I had fallen and couldn't get up," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified. "Theodore had come out and he seen something wasn't right. He came over, jumped the ditch and held me until EMS got me."

Neighbors say they never suspected Waymyers was in a motorcycle gang.

"Maybe once a month, maybe once every six weeks, a couple guys would show up on bikes and the three of them would go off," the neighbor said. "No jackets, just friends what we thought, because it was not a regular occurrence," a neighbor said.

Maurice Horry, a Mount Pleasant native, and Carlos Davis, of Columbia, were also killed in the shooting.{}

Now North Charleston police officers have been urged to take caution after investigators said gang members are headed to the Lowcountry for possible retaliation for the shooting.

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