Man tells police robber stole his pot, handgun

Still shot of surveillance video (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston police are looking for two men wanted for an armed robbery and they've released surveillance photos in the hopes the suspects can be identified.According to police reports, officers responded to an apartment on King Street just before midnight Nov. 19. The two victims told police they were "sitting in the living room on his couch watching television, eating Chinese food and smoking marijuana" when two men came into the home through an unlocked door.The victims said the men were wearing "dark skull caps on their heads with bandanas wrapped around the lower half of their faces."The victims said one of the men was armed with a gray semi-automatic .22 handgun and when they told him that they didn't have any money, he pistol-whipped one of the victims across the face leaving a "severe laceration to his right cheek."The victim that lived in the home said the men stole around 1.125 ounces of marijuana and $1800 from a nightstand drawer before leaving the apartment.Also listed as stolen in the police report was a $700 9mm handgun.Police made note in their report that the victims weren't entirely cooperative, changing their stories multiple times, saying items had been stolen that weren't and calling friends and family over before calling the cops.Meanwhile, police have released surveillance photos of two men they believe to be the suspects.If you know anything about this or any other crime or can identify the man in the photos you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.