Man trampled by bull at Walterboro rodeo

(Courtesy: Alton Hyatt)

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) -- Officials have confirmed that a man was trampled by a bull at the Walterboro Rodeo Saturday night.

Mark Derry of Cowboy USA, LLC says a rider was injured by the bull he rode during the rodeo. He rode for six seconds after being "bucked off." Once the rider, Anthony Kelly,{}25, fell to the ground, the bull buried its head into the rider's stomach.

"That bull was kind of new and nobody knew a whole lot about him. They all said he was mean," stated Kelly, a North Carolina native.{}

Derry says the victim has been a rider for eight years and that he suffered from two punctured lungs, six broken ribs, and a lacerated liver.

"I didn't remember nothing but getting in the ambulance," said Kelly.

Chief Barry McRoy with Colleton Fire Rescue tells us the 25-year-old victim was treated at the scene by the ambulance service hired by the event. Colleton Fire Rescue was called in to transport him to Colleton Medical Center.

Suffering from "significant injuries," the victim, who McRoy says is from North Carolina, was flown by helicopter from Colleton Medical Center to MUSC.

Kelly was released from MUSC on Sunday; however, he checked himself back into a hospital in Hickory, North Carolina on Monday.

"I woke up this morning and was coughing up blood pretty bad," said Kelly.

The owner of Walterboro Pro Rodeo, Tommie Derrie, says while there are rare, accidents do happen.

"These professional bull riders are aware of the chance they take and the object of riding a bull and they know they can and a lot of them do get hurt," said Tommie.

She started the event 23 years ago as a way to offer families a fun, alcohol free place to spend with their kids.

Despite his injuries, Kelly says he's looking forward to riding again soon.

"It's just the adrenalin rush. I mean there's nothing like it," said Kelly.

Doctors says it'll take Kelly six months to recover from his injuries.

*Note: Mark Derry of Cowboy USA, LLC never used the word "trampled" in his description of what happened to the rider.


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