Man wanted for unpaid tickets now faces assault and kidnapping charges

John Barr (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- He was wanted for unpaid parking tickets, but now deputies say he's facing a plethora of charges for assault and kidnapping.

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies said they got a tip Sunday morning that a wanted man was seen driving around the area of Lieben Road and Highway 17 in Mount Pleasant. They found the suspect's vehicle parked off Zacoma Drive.

CCSO spokesman James Brady said the deputies know the suspect, 44-year-old John Barr, and knew that he was driving on a suspended license for numerous unpaid traffic tickets.

Deputies reported they saw Barr on the back porch of a home and as they took him into custody, they noticed "blood on his hands and t-shirt with no visible injuries."

That's when deputies said{} a woman ran up to them screaming that Barr had "beaten up" a woman in the home and threatened to kill her.

Deputies checked the residence and said they found "a distraught female victim who had been assaulted and was bleeding."{} The police report said she had a "large black eye and blood all over her."

The victim told deputies Barr had beaten her up and would not let her leave her residence. She stated that Barr held a kitchen knife to her throat stating he would kill her. Deputies said they found a kitchen knife in Barr's pocket.

They report that blood was found on not only the knife, but a shovel located on the living room floor.

While deputies were talking to Barr, who was in the back seat of the deputies cruiser, they report that Barr spit at and kicked two of the deputies, kicking them in their legs and arms.

As deputies were taking Barr away, he threatened a neighbor that "when he bonded out, he was going to beat him up." While on the way to the hospital deputies also report Barr said he "should have killed" his victim.

They also report Barr complained of back pains then refused EMS after their arrival. Barr later complained again of pain and was taken to Mount Pleasant Hospital for medical clearance.

Deputies said while at the hospital Barr threatened a deputy saying "I know where you live," as well as threatening a supervisor. Deputies said Barr became "loud and boisterous" yelling obscenities in the parking lot of the hospital.

Barr is charged with Kidnapping, Assault of High and Aggravated Nature, Second Degree Assault, two counts of Threats to a Public Official, two counts of Assault and Battery in the third degree, Assault in the third degree, Driving Under Suspension, Disorderly Conduct and Failure to Comply with NRVC (unpaid traffic tickets).

Bond was set Monday at $508,782.