Man-made snow means snow day for some kids

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Snow -- it's something we don't see much of here in the Lowcountry. It has been cold enough the past few days, there hasn't been enough moisture for us to get it from Mother Nature, so some people made it themselves.

Wednesday was a snow day at Pinewood Preparatory School, but school was in session. Several inches of snow covered the ground, perfect to run and play in and wet enough to make snowballs.

"We try to do this annually if the weather cooperates but we have one of our teachers, Chris Cusack, has created his own snow blowing machine so when the weather gets down to the right level, he brings it up here and leaves it overnight and you can see the results right here. We end up making our own snow," said Jim Brice, Pinewood Preparatory School.

And it's amazing how much joy this winter weather creates.

"It's great to see the smiles on their faces because a lot of these kids have not seen snow or not gotten the opportunity to play in it a little bit," said Brice.

But it's more than just fun and games; it's also a chance to learn.

"Understanding that science is all around them. From a science teacher's perspective, you know, like being able to ask questions. Why don't we have snow? Why is snow fun? How is it made? And things like that," said Brice.

Meanwhile in North Charleston, a father created a winter wonderland for his kids to enjoy.

"I do it for my children. I got a 8-year-old and a 6-year-old and they don't get out very much," said Carl Miller, father and snowmaker. "We don't do a lot of cold weather vacations, so when it does get cold here I like to bring the vacation to us."

But making your own snow requires the right kind of equipment.

"This is the machine basically its just some PVC pipe and then you got two water misting nozzles here and then this is what they call the C-nucleating generator. That is what drops the little droplet of water out of here. The air pressure coming from the air compressor comes out of this nozzle right here which blows the little droplet of water out of this nozzle into tiny molecules that comes up and hits these fan spray nozzles and that is what makes snow," said Miller.

That along with an air compressor, below freezing temperatures and lots of hard work creates a perfect playground for kids that rarely get to see the white stuff.