Marley Lion murder trial: Friends say Deleston pulled trigger

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The second day of witness testimony at the murder trial for Marley Lion's accused killer Ryan Deleston was emotional again for the victim's family.

Lion's mother Elizabeth Paige and her family left the courtroom when investigators were describing photos of the bullets.

The state called Bryan Rivers as its first witness Wednesday. Rivers has already pleaded guilty to the lesser charge voluntary manslaughter after striking a deal with the solicitor's office.

"Yes I was involved [in killing him]," Rivers said.

He also admitted to being involved in the attempted robbery.

Rivers told the jury he was with Ryan Deleston the night of the murder. Deleston tried to hand him the gun as they planned the robbery, Rivers said.

But when asked by Solicitor Scarlett Wilson if he pulled the trigger, he said no.

Rivers said Deleston went forward with the robbery and then shot Lion five times.

Witness Rayshawn Milligan said he heard his friends say to Deleston after the murder: "You're stupid" You shouldn't have shot that gun. Why you shoot that gun?"

George Brown said he was there before the three men left with the intention of robbing Famous Joe's bar. And he said he was there when they returned. He told the jury they were angry.

He also says when Deleston got home, he changed his clothing and smelled like bleach. Investigators testified they found burnt clothing remains in his backyard and bleach in his home.

Defense attorney Ashley Pennington questioned the word of the witnesses who were not members of law enforcement. All of them had criminal backgrounds, and some had not originally cooperated with police or told the truth.

Police also showed photos of the crime scene including a bloody pillow in the back of Lion's SUV.

Investigators also said neither DNA nor fingerprint testing linked any of the suspects with the murder.