Marley Lion trial video: Deleston admits to selling murder weapon

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WVIC) -- The longest testimony Thursday came from Det. David Osborne, one of the leads on the case for Charleston Police Department, who said the case was tough.

"It really was one of those whodunit type murder investigations. We had no suspects," he said.

Tips were even coming in from the criminal community, sources that usually stay quiet, he said.

"This was a senseless murder and they were willing to sit down with us," he said.

They got leads on four people of interest; one was Ryan Deleston.

Eventually, he said an informant told them Deleston was trying to sell a gun. They set up a deal, which the jury watched on video in court. The informants bought the gun. But the undercover officer monitoring the deal said they had some trouble.

"We could hear some talk. It was very soft talk. So we couldn't tell exactly what was being said. But we could tell things were going smoothly," the officer said.

Charleston Police paid the informants $200 to do it and they say they got $13,000 from Crime Stoppers. Afterward, SLED testing confirmed the gun Deleston sold was the murder weapon.

A SLED expert also testified about the DNA recovered from Lion's SUV. The analyst got samples from both driver's side doors and from the front door.

"Most of the time it is just a matter of it being insufficient for interpretation and that's the case here," the expert said.

Deleston's attorney indicated the lack of DNA raised doubt.

The state also showed about one hour of a four-hour video, taped while police interviewed Deleston hours before he was charged with murder. In it, Deleston admitted he sold the gun, but denied being involved in Lion's murder.

The video is often hard to hear.

The video has about three hours left to show Friday. The judge told the court that the jury would make a decision in the case Friday.