A suspect in Lion's murder appears before a judge

By Lia

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) Exactly five months ago, 17-year-old Marley Lion, was murdered in a West Ashley parking lot.

On Friday morning, Lion's parents sat watching as a suspect in connection with their young son's murder went before a circuit court judge.

28-year-old George Brown was arrested three months ago. He is charged with accessory after the fact of murder and possession of the murder weapon. Police say it is the weapon that was used to kill Lion.

Defense attorney, Aaron Mayer, asked the judge to lower his $200,000 bond to something in the range of $50,000. He argued his client was unaware of what the three other murder suspects were planning to do on June 16.

"He had no knowledge that those guys were going to go off and rob somebody," he said.

The botched robbery was caught on surveillance video outside of Famous Joes Bar, located off of Savannah Highway. Lion had pulled over there around 3:30 AM to sleep, when 30 minutes later he was shot six times.

The solicitor argued that Brown was not present at the time of the murder, but was with the other suspects both before and immediately after the murder occurred.

Lion's step father, Robert Paige, read a statement asking the judge to deny a lower bond request.

"We are opposed to any bond reduction that would facilitate this man's release into the community. We are opposed because we believe there is sufficient information available that this man would be a danger to us all," Paige said.

"We believe that any person charged with the cold blooded senseless murder of our young son is nothing but a danger to our community."

Browns attorney argued his client had a minor criminal history. That argument didn't sit well with judge Stefanie McDonald. In 2007, Brown was charged with the unlawful carrying of a gun.

"The fact that there seems to be a pattern with weapons - the unlawful hearing from 2007, and the issue with obliterated serial numbers here - I'm going to deny the reconsidered bond."

Brown exited the courtroom shaking his head.

He faces 20 years on his two charges.