Match Day takes on 80s theme at Charleston Music Hall

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - After four years of late nightsand rigorous tests, students at the Medical University of South Carolina donnedtheir most glamorous 80s wear and met at Charleston Music Hall to tell everyonewhere they were spending their residencies.

More than 150 students participated in Match Day this year.

As the future doctors and researchers opened their envelopesto see where they would spend the next few years of their lives, balloonsdropped from overhead and hits from the 1980s played.

Michael Youssef, donning his best Michael Jackson outfit,found out he was heading to Baylor University to continue his study inneurology.

"After that I'm going to do a fellowship, maybe stroke,maybe critical care, all options are open after residency," he said.

Youssef is one of the 161 fourth year students who startedinterviewing with residency programs in the fall. Last month, they submittedtheir preferences and the schools submitted their priorities for the enrollingstudents.

That's how Youssef ended up at Baylor. He said aftervisiting the campus and meeting with officials there, he knew it was a greatfit for him.

"The program here at MUSC is outstanding, but I can't waitfor this next chapter in my life," he said.