Mayor feels violated by proposed state rail plan

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey says he feels violated by a state proposed rail plan.

The plan would put a train yard near Clemson University's wind turbine test facility. City officials and business owners in the area call the plan a misuse of land,{}pointing out{}the rail yard would not bring any new jobs to the area.

City officials say the plan violates an agreement the city of North Charleston has with the State Ports Authority, which restricts rail lines north of the old naval base.

The city of North Charleston, business owners and residents have worked to redevelop the city into a hub of tech-based jobs. Mayor Summey says the proposed rail{}plan would hinder the city's economic redevelopment and{}put a damper on the city's quality of life.

Mayor Summey plans to start legal action against the state within the next 30 days.{}

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