Mayor Jack's got moves like Jagger

By Stefanie

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Mayor Jack Scoville of Georgetown is known for his candor and telling it like it is.

"I've tried not to be the typical politician -- this is who I am and hopefully it's been acceptable," Mayor Jack Scoville says.

With three years at the helm of the city, Scoville says he's been focused on changing the culture of city employees, reviving Georgetown's main street and parks, and attracting visitors to South Carolina's 3rd oldest city.

"We don't have enough parking which is a positive sign that the retail and restaurants in our Historic District are doing a lot better than they have in the past," Scoville says.

Scoville calls himself a proud grandfather of two and a failed rockstar.

"For years I kept expecting the Rolling Stones to call me and say they are getting rid of this guy [Mick]{}Jagger and they wanted me to take his place, but I finally gave up on that 20 years ago."

Instead, trading in his rockstar dreams for an enjoyable life in a historic city he's lived in and loved for more than 30 years

"It's just a wonderful place the people are great we are just a friendly nice place; it's a beautiful town," he said. "You have this 'live and let live' attitude here but also a very caring attitude here."

"Most places you go you've got one type of person there but here you've got all different types of people hanging out together."

Known for its industrial feel with two working mills, Mayor Scoville calls Georgetown a blue-collar city with an economy still in the works.

"We are not where we want to be and we're not where we're going to be, but we are a heck of a lot better than we could be."