Mayor Riley: Best way to help victims is to help the Red Cross

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) The images of disaster coming from Moore, Okla., are eerily similar to what Charleston Mayor Joe Riley saw first hand in the days following Hurricane Hugo.

"What I know the mayor is going through. is several feelings. First, the overwhelming nature of the disaster is probably still unfolding before him. Meeting people and understanding their direct impact the loss of their home their business, their relative or their child," said Riley.

The mayor said in those dark days following Hugo there where also signs of hope. That's why he's asking the people of Charleston to help support the tornado victims through the American Red Cross.

"The phones would start ringing and people making contributions that was a positive emotion, I'll never forget," said Riley.

The phone calls are beginning to come in to the Lowcountry American Red Cross chapter as three chapter volunteers are already on the ground in Moore.

"People in the Lowcountry are very sympathetic to events of nature like a hurricane or a tornado because, we've all been through it," said CEO, Louise Welch-Williams.

She said their office is also taking more calls on disaster volunteer training. Riley said this is the time not to forget how much was given to Charleston after Hugo hit.

"The psychological support, that you are not alone, that our great country is there to help you means the world," said Riley.{}

Riley said the Red Cross has the expertise needed to help people in Oklahoma, that's why he's hoping others will follow his lead and donate to those victims.{} {}